Life Outside the Box

It's time for a fresh, new start. And Cascades at World Golf Village is the place to make it happen.

Active adult living at Cascades is all about you. Your passions. Your purpose. All the things that you want to be when you grow up.

World Golf Village, located just minutes from historic St. Augustine, Florida is the perfect setting to put your dreams into motion. Trade your wingtips for a pair of flip flops. Put down your mobile device and pull on your golf glove. Take a deep breath and let the Florida sea breeze sweep away every worry.

This is living outside the box. No limits. No boundaries.


Life With Purpose.
Dock Street Communities

Dock Street Communities is dedicated to creating living environments that promote healthy, meaningful and engaging lifestyles. We empower residents to follow their dreams. This is our mission. And our pleasure.

Here, life is not a spectator sport. The development of each community begins with a true focus on the resident, providing each person with new opportunities to explore and to grow.

It takes planning. Meticulous planning, from the selection of locations, to the development of amenities, to the construction standards that assure long-term quality and peace of mind. This diligent planning creates an atmosphere that feels, in fact, effortless.

Simply put, it's our mission to foster a life of spontaneity, passion and fulfillment. The result is a sense of true community, a unique celebration of talents and friendships.